Introducing the Telegram Trading Alert System

A multi-platform messaging tool which we will use to send trade alerts directly to you across up to 4 key markets: Nasdaq, Dow, DAX, and GBPUSD.

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Trading Alerts

Trading alerts for Nasdaq, Dow, DAX and GBPUSD delivered straight to your phone.

Get the Algo Trading Edge

No waiting for blog posts or updates, our Telegram alerts are instantaneous thanks to the Inteligex algorithms.

See the Power of Inteligex

Real trades in real time. See our own profits and losses using Inteligex.

Download the Telegram Messenger app then sign up for Inteligex updates in your chosen markets.

The first 80 users to sign up will receive 14 days of free signals.

We send Telegram updates for Nasdaq, Dow, DAX and GBPUSD.

Don't have Telegram yet? Download it here first.

Why Inteligex?

Unlock the power of algorithms and deep learning to predict trends and increase your chances for success.

"This past week, I was added to the Inteligex ‘Telegram’ App feed and now I’m receiving their trades right on my cellphone. Pretty cool little perk! I am finding that either Peter or Mark get back to me quickly when I email them, and Mark even offered to spend at least an hour with me, to teach me how I can better utilize the software, and boost my profits massively."

- Pam S., Canada

Ready to see for yourself? Try Inteligex for 30 Days risk free* for just USD $99.

Want to find out more? See how Inteligex works by watching our free demo.

*If you love our product then you get the $99 back when you sign-up. If it didn't work for you, no problem, you'll get a refund. Limit one 30-Day Trial per person.

The trading tool you can TRUST.

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