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From Red Monday to Green Wednesday

From Red to Green

From Red Monday to Green Wednesday At Inteligex we are often asked if we are nervous when we trade and if we change our trading habits if we have a bad day or a good day. The answer to both is no. Why? Because we stick to a routine that works. It works over time,…

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Slow & Steady Wins The Race

Slow amp Steady Wins the Race

120 points on the Dax. When we talk about Trader Emotion and Trader Psychology we think of all the times we’re unsure about what to do and let our adrenaline get the better of us. We enter or exit a trade and as soon as we’ve done it we know it was the wrong decision;…

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The Golden Globes

Golden Globes

I just spent 2 hours watching these, live here in LA, as I waited for the start of the European markets. I wish I hadn’t. I learned nothing other than that in the event of my winning one, I should (a) look astonished (b) pretend I hadn’t rehearsed anything (c) say the other nominees were…

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2019 – The Year of Augmented Intelligence

2019 augmented intelligence

Happy New Year traders and welcome to 2019. This could well be the year of Trader AI (Augmented Intelligence). That’s what we think here at Inteligex. Why? Because we recognise the power of human expertise and experience. So our latest software release, our most advanced yet, is designed to augment your intelligence not replace it.…

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Slow, Slow, Brexit Slow – 85 Pips

Brexit 85 Pips

Evening traders I just wanted to show you how with a little thought Inteligex generates profits even on a slow day. Cable has been a bit of a tiger recently, but today was always likely to be slow after the failed confidence vote in UK government last night. So. How did we see the daily…

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What’s in Store for Nasdaq and GBPUSD in 2019?

nasdaq gbpusd 2019

One of the advanced features of Inteligex is the predictive capability of the product. This works on any timeframe, but it is advanced so expect it to take you 2-3 months at least to fully understand how it works; we will be producing a video on this in the New Year. It is particularly useful…

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Biggest Ever Bitcoin Bet!

Biggest ever Bitcoin Bet

The chart I am highlighting today is focusing on something that is clearly currently in deep trouble. An 85% decline in price, and with more to come. And what is it?  Bitcoin. From $20,000 to $3,000 in just under 12 months.  All of the short trades signalled by Inteligex are highlighted but I show this…

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Inteligex vs Brexit

Algox27s and Psychology

The British Prime Minister Theresa May is heading into a vote of confidence this evening, let’s see what the Cable (GBPUSD) has done today on Inteligex full auto-mode.     Well it’s been a vote of confidence in Inteligex. Markets hate uncertainty and you can see how the day played out, with 4 trades netting 97…

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The Quants are Coming!!

The Quants are Coming

Recently, a report was pushed that stated that Goldman Sachs has replaced 70% of their day traders with Artificial Intelligence based systems and is now recruiting more programmers than traders for its day trading offices. Wow! Let that sink in for a moment – if such an established institution is doing that, then the rest…

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Algos & Psychology

Algox27s and Psychology

They say the hardest aspect of trading is psychology. If you have been trading for a while then you will verify that this is indeed true. Trading is such a mentally driven business that two people can have exactly the same strategy but apply it in totally different ways and achieve completely different results. The…

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