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Why you should trade the German DAX

German flag on a pole

The German economy has been in the news a lot recently, be it about tariffs applied to auto imports to the US, a slowing in industrial output and narrowly avoiding recession or the decision for Tesla to put a factory in Berlin.     If you want to start getting more diversification in your trading…

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Trading Micro E-minis …… think like a Football coach!

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Back in May of this year the CME Group launched micro E-mini contracts for 4 major indices: Nasdaq100, Dow Jones 30, S&P500 and the Russell 2000.  The original E-mini was brought out back in the late 1990s so our view on chatting with colleagues in the market, including our friends at Dorman, was that these…

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To Bank … or not to Bank?

To bank or .... image

First apologies to Shakespeare for blatantly abusing one of his quotes. However, the topic of setting a bank for your trades is one that is widely discussed and I thought it was a nice link!   What is a bank point? When you are running multi-contract trades you obviously have the option to exit each…

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What Traders can learn from NYC Cab Drivers


  We’re traders, we’re our own boss, we decide when we trade and when we don’t. We may trade 8 hours a day because we think of it as a job. We may trade until we hit a certain profit as we have a goal we want to achieve. We may just trade because we…

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Inteligex Algorithms revolutionize Technical Analysis

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As a trader you’ve no doubt done your technical analysis.  You’ve put in the hard yards poring over charts, identified support and resistance, set up indicators and charting tools to help you see those repeating patterns and used this information to help you trade.   We all know it’s important to do this ground work as…

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From Red Monday to Green Wednesday

From Red to Green

From Red Monday to Green Wednesday At Inteligex we are often asked if we are nervous when we trade and if we change our trading habits if we have a bad day or a good day. The answer to both is no. Why? Because we stick to a routine that works. It works over time,…

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What Are Your Trading Goals?


What Are Your Trading Goals? When I am having a trading discussion with someone, the topic eventually comes up – What are your goals? I want to make money! A common goal for a lot of people is – I want to make a certain amount of dollars per day. They will also usually have…

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I Just Needed To Get Out Of The Way!

Screen Shot 2019 06 24 at 9.37.39 am

I Just Needed To Get Out Of The Way! So, if you have read my last 2 posts, I presented my thought process (hopefully logically) about why I chose to go with automated trading and specifically, Inteligex. So, you would think that when I turned it on, I trusted the math and just let it…

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Trust The Math You Must!

Screen Shot 2019 06 18 at 11.04.07 am

Trust the math you must! The next step In my last post, I talked about why I decided to go with an automated system. The next step in my research was to decide on which automation company. There are lots of options out there, but once you start looking, the choices narrow down very quickly.…

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Manual vs Auto Trading

Screen Shot 2019 06 11 at 10.50.48 am

Manual vs auto trading For me, the choice to move to an automated system was relatively easy; you may be considering it now. Let me share my thought process… The Emotional Element I know I have trouble sometimes not wanting to take another trade if the last one lost because I don’t want to lose…

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