Diamond Release

Inteligex Diamond Nasdaq Backtest

Expertly combining powerful AI, mathematical modelling, trading algorithms and real world market insight Inteligex Diamond is the next step forward in the evolution of the powerful Inteligex trading tool. This new generation of Inteligex is the result of a full review of all historic trades by market, timeframe, trade, type…
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To Bank Or Not To Bank?

To Bank … or not to Bank?

First apologies to Shakespeare for blatantly abusing one of his quotes. However, the topic of setting a bank for your trades is one that is widely discussed and I thought it was a nice link!   What is a bank point? When you are running multi-contract trades you obviously have…
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Goals Green Sign

What Are Your Trading Goals?

What Are Your Trading Goals? When I am having a trading discussion with someone, the topic eventually comes up – What are your goals? I want to make money! A common goal for a lot of people is – I want to make a certain amount of dollars per day.…
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Get Out Of Your Own Way Sign

I Just Needed To Get Out Of The Way!

I Just Needed To Get Out Of The Way! So, if you have read my last 2 posts, I presented my thought process (hopefully logically) about why I chose to go with automated trading and specifically, Inteligex. So, you would think that when I turned it on, I trusted the…
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Master Yoda

Trust The Math You Must!

Trust the math you must! The next step In my last post, I talked about why I decided to go with an automated system. The next step in my research was to decide on which automation company. There are lots of options out there, but once you start looking, the…
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