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We are passionate about helping you create value by providing tools to increase the level of certainty and consistency in your trading. To ensure our product set is always leading edge we'd really appreciate understanding a bit more about you and your goals.

It would be great if you could fill out the following questionnaire, there are only 10 questions and it will take no more than 5 minutes of your time. Please be assured we only use this data for our purposes, we would never give it to any 3rd party companies, that's just not who we are.

Once you complete the questionnaire below one of our expert traders will connect with you to discuss how Inteligex fits with your personal trading style.


Email address

Full Name

How would you describe your trading experience?

Novice - I've only just started thinking about seriously investing.Beginner - I have done some trading in the past but want to now take it more seriously.Intermediate - I trade part time, fitting it around my job or business and whenever I get the chance. I want to give it more focus.Experienced - I trade actively on a full time basis, I have a range of investments which I actively monitor and trade.

How long have you been trading?

<2 years2 to 5 years6 to 9 years10+ years

How would you categorise your interest in the Financial Markets?

Low - I'm aware of the markets because of news stories but I don't actively follow them.Medium - I follow basic market news and I dig into high profile stories.High - I follow financial news avidly and love to understand what drives market sentiment and the direction of stocks.

What have you traded?

StocksBondsFXMutual and Index FundsOptionsSpreadbettingOther

How would you categorise your investment performance to date? (Including all associated costs)

I'm not making moneyIf I'm honest I'm probably only just breaking evenMy total return is up to 5% per annumMy total return is between 5% and 10% per annumMy total return is over 10% per annum

What are your trading goals?

To become my main source of incomeTo supplement my current incomeIt's a hobby but I want to make money

How much time do you presently commit or want to commit to trading?

Up to a couple of hours a week30 minutes per day1 hour per dayMore than 1 hour per day ( I trade actively throughout the day)

How long do you see yourself trading?

Short term - just the next couple of yearsMedium term - I see myself trading for at least the next 5 yearsLong term - I can't see myself stopping trading

What would you like help with?

Individual strategiesTurnkey trading systemsAutomated tradingPsychology of tradingOther

How old are you?

Where are you located?

What is your favourite market to trade in?

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