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New & Experienced Traders

For New & Experienced Traders

We keep class sizes small to maximize your learning and our course is suitable for all Traders.

High Probability Trades

High Probability Trades

Inteligex trading tuition starts with market fundamentals and goes all the way through to teaching you how to take High Probability Trades using the award winning Inteligex Trade Indicators.

High Probability Trades

Real World Examples

Inteligex trading tutors only use real trading scenarios so you learn to understand the rhythm of the markets. We even assess your risk profile and set you up with with a daily trading routine.

Plans & Pricing

Our 2 day comprehensive course will help you become a Great Trader. Check our Training Plans

*if you don’t think the course has helped you improve your trading then just let us know.

Comprehensive Training + FREE Lifetime Trade Indicators

  • Market Types and Market Fundamentals
  • Market Price Drivers
  • Trends, Market Patterns and Market Rhythm
  • Risk Profile and Trader Emotion
  • Market Predictors for Profitable Trading
  • Daily Trading Setup and Trade Planning
  • Simple 4 STEP PROCESS to Buy and Sell
  • Exclusive content taught by Market Experts
  • Uses AWARD WINNING Inteligex Trade Indicator Software
  • Simple 4 Steps Process
  • Works on any market
  • on any timeframe
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