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Swarm Behaviour AI™

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Clear signals and rules for trading any timeframe for any liquid market.

Our AI-based algorithms calculate support and resistance bands and identify target price movements.

You add your personal risk profile and indicate how you want to trade.

Manual Trade Mode
Trader Assist Mode
Autonomous Trade Mode

In all cases, you remain in complete control. Only trades with parameters that you decide on are shown to you. Stops are always shown and used. The risk is tightly controlled. 

Trading is a high-risk business. Minimizing losses (and you will always have losses) is a key part of success.

Controlling risk is central to Inteligex. The risk of every trade is calculated for you before you enter.

We won't give away all the secrets of how our algos work...

(and we're sure you wouldn't expect us to, but if you want to know more fill in your details below)

If you want to understand more about our algorithms and what makes us tick watch our 10-minute webinar here.

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Just to be clear, we are not a trading system.

Inteligex works as a plugin to the popular trading platform Sierra Chart.

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