How do Inteligex Algorithms Work?

Auto generated Support and Resistance Levels



Your personal trading approach



8 self learning Algorithms



Your Trade Alerts


1. AI-based algorithms calculate support and resistance bands and identify target price movements.

2. You add your personal risk profile and indicate how you want to trade.

3. The Trade algorithms actively monitor the market and the support and resistance levels

4. Trade Alerts are generated and trades placed with dynamic targets and stops

Signal Mode

You use Inteligex trade signals to guide and improve your manual trading ……………….

Trading Mode

The trade will be entered and exited automatically according to your personal trading profile

Controlling risk is central to Inteligex, we make sure that in all cases you remain in complete control.  The parameters you define give you personalised trade opportunities and these are supported by dynamic stops and targets tuned to your trading style.

Inteligex will teach you how to identify high probability trades and how to minimise your losses.

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Trading Algorithms... How Do They Work? - Inteligex, Trade Intelligently
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Trading Algorithms... How Do They Work? - Inteligex, Trade Intelligently
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