How do Inteligex Algorithms Work?

They monitor support and resistance levels and predict the direction of the trade

Auto generated Support and Resistance Levels

Your personal trading approach

8 self learning Algorithms

Your Trade Alerts

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Clear signals and rules for trading any timeframes for any liquid market, supported by dynamic stop settings that maximise trade profitibility.

Our AI-based algorithms calculate support and resistance bands and identify target price movements.

You add your personal risk profile and indicate how you want to trade.

Signal Mode

You use Inteligex trade signals to guide and improve your manual trading

Trading Mode Auto Entry

The trade is entered automatically and you decide when to manually exit

Trading Mode Full Auto

The trade will be entered and exited automatically according to your personal trading profile 

In all cases, you remain in complete control. Only trades with parameters that you decide on are shown to you. Stops are always shown and used, The risk is tightly controlled.

Trading is a high-risk business. Minimizing losses(and you will always have losses) is a key part of success.

Controlling risk is central to Inteligex. The risk of every trade is calculated for you before you enter.

Just to be clear, we are not a trading system

Inteligex works as a plugin to the popular trading platform Sierra Chart.

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