Trading with Algos

Algo Trading means trading with Algorithms.  An algorithm is merely a set of rules that are followed (in this case by a computer) to generate trade alerts.  Using rules eliminates any emotion from Trading.

Inteligex is designed to make algo trading simple.Think of it like this, you may not be smart enough to design the automated control systems on a Tesla, but you can drive one.

If you have trading experience then certainly Inteligex will work for you.  Inteligex is an intuitive add-on to charting/trading systems so as long as you understand basic market dynamics then you’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly.  We would recommend starting trading cautiously. Then over time increase your positions size and also diversify into other instruments.  This is called a structured trading plan.  As part of your education, we will help you make one.

Absolutely, we trade Inteligex every day across a number of different markets to balance our risk, you can see how we’re doing in our daily video: Mark’s Markets.

Sign up to our Trial account and we’ll help get you trading with a demo account so that you get to know Inteligex with no “live” money at stake.  Leave it set to manual and understand how the algorithms work, optimising your risk factors to levels that suit you.  Then you can move to small value trades, again we would recommend initially in manual mode.  When you have more confidence in how the system is working with your selected market than you can increase the value of trades within either manual or automatic mode.

All trading involves risk so you need to bear this in mind before starting any trading.  The Inteligex system uses algorithms which when followed effectively remove emotion; emotion contributes significantly to losses incurred by retail traders.

Inteligex Software

In Signal Mode Inteligex signals a trade entry point, a target point for the trade and the stop point.  You have to act on these signals by placing an order with your broker.  In Trading Mode the entry point, target and stop point are automatically sent to your broker and the target and stop are adjusted automatically as the trade progresses.

The purpose of the trial is get you up to speed with all aspects of Inteligex by trading in simulation mode with a demo account.  This gives the you the confidence to move into live trading as you move into Membership.  We want to support you on this journey.

We’ve found from experience that if there is a charge for the trial then Traders are more committed to spend time understanding the product and getting success from it.  Like anything in life you have to spend time learning to really understand something, once you understand the tools you can focus on trading decisions.

Our revenue comes from licensing the software to you, that way we are incentivised to ensure you have the best possible algorithms to work with.

Results are published daily in the Mark’s Market’s videos (see YouTube) channel and backtest results can be seen in the blog.

We have optimised Inteligex for the following futures markets: Nasdaq, Dow, S&P, Russell2000 and DAX.  We only recommend you use Inteligex in Trading Mode to trade these markets.  If manually trading with Inteligex using the microswarms as a guide then it can be used for most indexes e.g. commodities, equities etc.

Our background is in investment banks, hedge funds and IT companies so we know that research is the key element to ongoing success. When someone says that they ‘have discovered the key to the markets and have decided to share it’, it is simply untrue. They might as well be telling you that they know the Lotto numbers for this weekend! We are honest with you and know that Inteligex is a product that gives you an edge in the battle to succeed. And in this game an edge is all you need, we continually research to ensure that edge is maintained and increased.

The best contact methods are webchat and email.  Once you have signed up to the trial you will get one to one support via Zoom.  Please note we do not offer telephone support.

Inteligex works with Sierra Chart as it takes advantage of Manual, Semi Auto and Full Auto trading connectivity.  Most of our customers previously used NT and have found the transition to SierraChart straightforward.

Broker and Data

To start you only need 3 things: a data feed, Sierra Charts and Inteligex.  This will enable you to start running in simulation mode and see trades.  When you are comfortable you can then connect a broker and move to live trading.

We do not recommend specific brokers but are happy to pass on details of those which we know our customers are happy with

This is not covered in the Trial but we will help you to do this when you become a Member and we’re sure you know how to use Inteligex.

This is not covered under the Trial.  During the trial we suggest you use the free Sierra Chart data and use this for your demo account when you are learning how to use Inteligex.  We will help you connect data when you become a member.

Sierra Chart is the charting platform that gives you graphs of market movements.  Sierra Chart needs a data feed in order to be able to produce a chart.  Inteligex sits on top of Sierra Chart and shows you when to take trades (the trade alerts).  In order to take trades you need to have a broker account and Inteligex will send these trade alerts to your broker via Sierra Chart.

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Click here to access Inteligex's Frequently Asked Questions page, where you can learn more about both our algorithms and trading in general!