Learn About Our Algorithmic Trading Platform, With These FAQs!

Inteligex Course

The comprehensive course takes you from the basics of market theory all the way through to using the Inteligex algorithmic trading platform, Trade Indicators and managing your risk.  It can help you improve your trading whether you’re new to trading or more experienced.

It’s easy to get into bad habits when trading and these cause you to lose money!  The course teaches you how to improve your trading profitability by following a prescribed repeatable process using award winning Trade Indicators.  By following the process and using the indicators you will find more profitable trades and stay away from those bad trades you should never have entered.

If you understand the basics of investing then you can Learn to Trade with Inteligex and our algorithmic trading platform.  We teach you market fundamentals and how to trade before moving onto our simple 4 Step Process.  We’ll make sure you have a structured trading plan, daily routine and understand your personal risk profile.

Absolutely, we trade Inteligex every day across a number of different markets to balance our risk, you can see how we’re doing in our daily video: Mark’s Markets.

If you need a bit more information then come along to one of our weekly webinars  and see the 4 Step Process and Trade Indicators in action.  If you’re ready to go then just sign up to our one day course.

All trading involves risk so you need to bear this in mind before starting any trading.  Following our simple 4 Step Process using Trade Indicators can help improve the number of profitable trades that you take and remove emotion from your trading.  Emotion contributes significantly to losses incurred by retail traders.

Trade Indicators

Our algorithmic trading platform’s Trade Indicators show you when you should consider entering a trade, where to set your limits and stops and when to exit a trade.  This is all taught on the course and supported with full documentation and videos.

The 4 step process consists of Trigger.  Angle.  Trend.  Trade.  Trigger – identify the trigger signal that shows a potential trade.  Angle – check that the angle of the swarms supports the trade decision.  Trend – check that the market sentiment supports the potential trade.  Trade – take the trade using the MicroSwarms provided as part of our algorithmic trading platform to set your stop and limit and run them.

We teach you everything you need to know on the course.  If you are willing to learn and can follow a process then you can trade with Inteligex and our algorithmic trading platform.

Our revenue comes from selling you the Course with the algorithmic trading platform’s software, that way we are incentivised to ensure you have the best possible trading experience.

Your results will depend on which markets you trade, when you trade and how much you’re willing to risk on each trade.  Many of our customers comfortably make $200 per day on average from their Trading.

The Inteligex algorithmic trading platform works over any market on any timeframe so is suitable for Commodities, Forex, Futures, Options and Stocks.

In addition to our algorithmic trading platform, you’ll need a charting system with a data feed for the relevant market(s) you want to trade.  Inteligex works with both Sierra Chart and NinjaTrader.

The best initial contact method is via email to info@inteligex.com.  Once we’re connected most of our support is done over Zoom.

Broker and Data

We do not recommend specific brokers but are happy to pass on details of those which we know our customers are happy with

This is not covered as part of our service but if you are struggling we’ll give you a hand.

As part of the course we will help you connect data to your charting package.

Sierra Chart and NinjaTrader are charting platforms that give you graphs of market movements.  A charting package needs a data feed in order to be able to produce a chart.  Inteligex sits on top of the charting platform so you can see the Trade Indicators.  In order to take trades you need to have a broker account and Inteligex will send these trade alerts to your broker via your charting platform.