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Inteligex offers 2 key things I was looking for in an automated trading solution. First, it is not built just using a static algorithm using some old and outdated indicators - it is dynamic - using Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning to constantly adjust and improve. I feel that is important in today's rapidly changing market conditions and landscape.

Second, since this is a new way for retail traders like me to view the market, support is important. Inteligex is in constant communication where we can learn and ask questions on an almost daily basis. Highly recommend that you take the trial and experience the next generation of trading”

Steve R - Massachusetts

Trusted Business

My best wishes for Inteligex's continued success - you and Mark are rare in this industry - honourable men" 

Jim D, Ontario

Easy To Learn

I knew I wanted to trade but didn't know how to get started.  I took the trial and then became a full member. Within 6 weeks I was trading with consistency and making profits

Nicholas D, UK

Reliable Trade Signals

I used to use Bollinger bands but your swarms are a lot better and work amazingly well. When I do everything manually I can trade one symbol, with your product I can trade many symbols at the same time.

Dennis D, Netherlands

Removes Trader Emotion

"I'm an experienced trader (NQ, DOW and DAX) and needed a way of reducing my drawdowns and eliminating the emotion that caused them. Inteligex does this. I enter and exit trades now because I know they have a good chance of success, not because I panic"

William M, Ohio

Great Service and Support

“I highly recommend Inteligex – they have an amazing product which they are always working to enhance. Even more impressive is the customer service; they are typically available in real time resulting in an immediate response. There is no doubt Inteligex is committed to everyone’s success!”

Marc S, Colorado

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