journey week 11

My Inteligex Journey: Week 11

ADVFN International Financial Award – Best Trading Alert Service WINNERS!   Hey Traders! Lots of great things going on at Inteligex!  Peter and Mark are both working VERY hard to make this the best software possible, and a HUGE shout out for winning the ADVFN International Financial Award – Best…
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journey week 10

My Inteligex Journey: Week 10

Hit and miss! Hey Traders! Had one of those weeks where it was hit and miss – busy with things that pop up in life… Guess that is one of the advantages of being a trader; we can manage our schedules and come and go (to some extent) as we…
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journey week 9 copy

My Inteligex Journey: Week 9

On the Upward Grind Hey Traders, I wanted to share some plans Inteligex has before moving forward to a couple trades I took on Monday, March 11th. First off, Peter mentioned that he wants to be ‘obsessed’ with providing the best customer service possible, so that each and every one…
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journey week 8

My Inteligex Journey: Week 8

The Midas Touch Hey Traders, I wanted to experiment a bit and try Inteligex out on Gold. I don’t trade this market very often, but thought why not see how well it would work with this software? (the guys do say it’s a mathematical modeland willwork on any index!) I…
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journey week 7

My Inteligex Journey: Week 7

This week I wanted to show you a couple of trades on the eMini Nasdaq. Hey Traders, Going to keep this short and to the point this week. Two trades from Thursday, February 28th. Both were long trades, taken on a 15-minute chart. I am keeping Market Trend Signal on…
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journey week 6

My Inteligex Journey: Week 6

Hi Traders! This week let’s take a look at everyone’s favourite market. (not mine, but it is generally the highest traded volume wise) Decided to go with a 10-minute time frame, just because this market can be a monster. I also kept the Market Trend Signal on, and always check…
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journey week 5

My Inteligex Journey: Week 5

Hey Traders! You know the old adage, “Show me a card, any card”? Well, I do NOT want to make any false claims or mislead in any way with my blogs. I would like to avoid all smoke and mirrors, so on that note, please send Peter or Mark an…
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journey week 4

My Inteligex Journey: Week 4

Hey Traders: Had some technical glitches on my end, so I missed a week of writing, apologies. I’ve been back at my station a week now and getting right into trading. On a really good note, there have been some really cool and impressive features added to the Inteligex software,…
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journey week 3 1

My Inteligex Journey: Week 3

This week I wanted to show you a couple of trades on the YM (E-Mini Dow) Going to try and keep this blog short and sweet, since that is pretty much how the last week of trading has been. Was nice to have the Holiday (Martin Luther King day for…
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journey week 2

My Inteligex Journey: Week 2

This week I thought I would give you a glimpse into 3 of my trades. I will also touch on emotions, because I find they truly play a large role in my performance, and I’m hoping some of you will respond – perhaps we can all work together, help each…
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