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What Are Your Trading Goals?


What Are Your Trading Goals? When I am having a trading discussion with someone, the topic eventually comes up – What are your goals? I want to make money! A common goal for a lot of people is – I want to make a certain amount of dollars per day. They will also usually have…

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I Just Needed To Get Out Of The Way!

Screen Shot 2019 06 24 at 9.37.39 am

I Just Needed To Get Out Of The Way! So, if you have read my last 2 posts, I presented my thought process (hopefully logically) about why I chose to go with automated trading and specifically, Inteligex. So, you would think that when I turned it on, I trusted the math and just let it…

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Trust The Math You Must!

Screen Shot 2019 06 18 at 11.04.07 am

Trust the math you must! The next step In my last post, I talked about why I decided to go with an automated system. The next step in my research was to decide on which automation company. There are lots of options out there, but once you start looking, the choices narrow down very quickly.…

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Manual vs Auto Trading

Screen Shot 2019 06 11 at 10.50.48 am

Manual vs auto trading For me, the choice to move to an automated system was relatively easy; you may be considering it now. Let me share my thought process… The Emotional Element I know I have trouble sometimes not wanting to take another trade if the last one lost because I don’t want to lose…

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My Inteligex Journey: Week 17

FeatureImage Week17

Great New Features Hey Traders! A pretty great week for trading: a new Inteligex release and lots of opportunities in the market. New Release It’s great to get the new version of Inteligex (Amethyst as it’s known). You can see the Inteligex team have been listening to feedback and incorporating this into each subsequent release.…

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My Inteligex Journey: Week 16

FeatureImage Week16

Preserving Capital   Hey Traders! I’ve been trading for about an hour a day this week and then trying to stay away from my charts.  There are a few reasons for that: one of them being I am working on becoming a funded trader via Top Step Trader, so I have set goals for myself,…

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My Inteligex Journey: Week 15

FeatureImage Week15

Hey Traders! What a week it has been! We all knew it would be a fun filled rollercoaster ride, chock full of opportunities, when we looked at our charts Sunday night (May 5th) and saw the Dow was down significantly. Unsettling time, for sure – you never know if Trump is going to tweet in…

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My Inteligex Journey: Week 14

FeatureImage Week14

Hey Traders! Hope you’re doing well, and being careful in the markets. For the subscribers who have Mark keeping you informed via Telegram, it’s a gift, and the info he provides is extremely insightful – for those of you not signed up yet, please know this is an added bonus to being a member. Mark…

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My Inteligex Journey: Week 13

Screen Shot 2019 04 23 at 5.23.34 pm

Hey Traders!   Missed a week of writing; been concentrating a lot on my trading, and wrapping a few things up before embarking on a Top Step Trader combine, which I am hoping to share with you.  Great way to invest in your trading education, which is key to success, and then simply trading it…

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My Inteligex Journey: Week 12

FeatureImage Week12

Stick to the Plan!   Hey Traders! I’m writing to you on a bleary Friday morning.  Another week has passed us by, and what I personally do at the end of every single week, is take inventory of where I am at in relation to where I want to be. Given that I have had…

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