Inteligex Academy

Our goal at Inteligex is to help give you the best possible opportunities to trade successfully. That's why we provide full access to extensive learning materials to help you get started.

Below are the training topics covered in our online academy:

Trading basics

  • What you need to trade
  • How to select a market
  • Setting your trade goals
  • Knowing your risk profile

Inteligex Set-Up

  • How to set-up Inteligex to work with SierraChart
  • Inteligex User Manual

Using Inteligex

  • Explanation of swarms and their usage
  • Daily setup routine
  • Managing risk
  • Support and Resistance

Trading Successfully

  • Markets, timeframes, and volatility
  • Overcoming common mistakes
  • Becoming a master
  • Trading types: buys, sells, longs, shorts

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