About Us

Why Inteligex and our algo trading platform? Watch the video to find out!

As a Trader you need to be in full control of your Trading.  Each day in the markets is going to be different and you need a solid plan and a guide to help you!

The Inteligex Course uses the Inteligex Trade Indicators and algo trading platform, which have been developed using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.  Our algo trading platform basically does all the hard work for you, you just need to learn how to interpret the signals, match them to your personal risk profile and then execute your plan!

And that’s what we teach you in our comprehensive full day course taught by Market Experts.

We’re traders ourselves and we’ve made all the mistakes ……


  • Struggling to find time.  It’s hard to find time to develop your skills between work or studies. You know you have the ability, but not the time.
  • Struggling to create a strategy.  With all the ‘literature’ that’s out there you’re just not sure where to start or who to trust, let alone the best markets to trade.
  • Creating a strategy but not sticking to it.  You get a plan you’re happy with and start to trade it but then our old friend emotion gets in the way as soon as the market does something you weren’t expecting and you start to question yourself: is my strategy still valid? Should I just watch and wait? Wouldn’t I be better doing something?
  • Getting bored!  You have a plan but the market doesn’t seem to be playing ball so you can’t execute it, so you end up going ‘off plan’ to keep yourself entertained.

So we designed a course and an algo trading platform that guides and assists traders based on real market intelligence.

  • Be confident in your knowledge of Market fundamentals
  • Understand what drives price movements and how to identify trends
  • Learn to identify the strength of buy and sell indicators
  • Know when to get in and out of trades
  • Match your Trading to your personal risk profile
  • Benefit from a class leading system and FREE software for LIFE!


STOP missing out on Trades!

Learn how to identify high probability trades TODAY and improve your Trading Profitability …… it’s that simple!