Why Inteligex? Watch the video to find out.

At Inteligex we're on a journey to ensure that Private Traders have access to the best tools possible in order to trade profitably no matter what the market is doing.

Our commitment to you, our customers, is to be open, honest and transparent at all times. We know that our algorithms are good (we think, really good!) and can increase your opportunities for profitable trading but we can't guarantee it.

We're traders ourselves and we've made all the mistakes ......

    • Struggling to find time.  It's hard to find time to develop your skills between work or studies. You know you have the ability, but not the time.
    • Struggling to create a strategy.  With all the 'literature' that's out there you're just not sure where to start or who to trust, let alone the best markets to trade.
    • Creating a strategy but not sticking to it.  You get a plan you're happy with and start to trade it but then our old friend emotion gets in the way as soon as the market does something you weren't expecting and you start to question yourself: is my strategy still valid? Should I just watch and wait? Wouldn't I be better doing something?
    • Getting bored!  You have a plan but the market doesn't seem to be playing ball so you can't execute it, so you end up going 'off plan' to keep yourself entertained.

So we designed a system that guides and assists traders based on real market intelligence.

We've seen a lot of systems that are out there...

...and a lot of them aren't very good. Systems that have very basic algorithms with no AI learning, systems that use simple things like ATR (Average True Range) instead of intelligent risk control, systems that generate signals and then in some cases remove them. We thought enough! Let's write a system that we would use. Inteligex spots trends, reversals and no-trade zones and uses these to predict where the market is going.

The Inteligex AI based algorithms have decoded the markets one trade at a time.  Inteligex plugs into market-leading charting/broking software to make your life as easy as possible. Once installed, Inteligex will give you simple buy or sell signals based on the algorithm that you are running.

Stop missing trades - Inteligex identifies trend changes, support/resistance and market targets.

Looking to find out more?

Ready to get started?

We built Inteligex to make algorithmic trading accessible and to minimize risk.

And that's exactly what it does.

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