Our Trading System And The 4 Step Process

Trigger. Angle. Trend. Trade

At Inteligex we like to keep things simple so we developed an easy to follow 4 Step Process so that you can take more profitable trades.  No more wondering when is the best time to get in or out of a trade, we do that for you!  What’s more the Trading System keeps you Disciplined so that you get Consistency in your results and the Confidence to make trades.

The 4 Steps are built around our proprietary award winning Trade Indicators: Swarms, MicroSwarms and Trend Sentiment which we developed over many years using Machine Learning and sophisticated Mathematics.   By following the process you can take more high probability trades and avoid Trader Emotion.


All you need to do is follow the process:

1. Is there a Trade TRIGGER?

    • break in, break out, trend reversal or trend resumption; don’t worry we teach you all these

2. Does the ANGLE of the Swarm support the trade direction

3. Is the TREND showing in favour of the trade?

4. TRADE using the MicroSwarms to set Target and Stops

    • We’ll show you how to use these within the trading system and software, so you can dynamically adjust your stops and limits as the trade progresses to minimize risk and maximize profit

At Inteligex we know that training is critical to your Trading success.  So we only offer the Inteligex Trading System along with our comprehensive course.  The course takes you from the basics of trading, through personal risk management all the way to making successful trades and understanding the rhythm of the market.

We then support you with ongoing training, dedicated webinars, videos and user guides.

So what are you waiting for?

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