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Buy on green, sell on red. Objective, clear, easy. Trade using manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic modes.

Trial includes

Access to training materials and support so you can master the software and set the right rules for your portfolio.

No Risk

If you love our product then you get the $99 back when you sign-up.  If it didn't work for you, no problem, you'll get a refund*

Your 30 Day Inteligex Trial is only $99 USD.

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Why Inteligex?

Unlock the power of algorithms and deep learning to predict trends and increase your chances for success.

"I knew I wanted to trade but didn't know how to get started. I took the trial and then became a full member. Within 6 weeks I was trading with consistency and making profits."

- Nicholas Drew, UK

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The trading tool you can TRUST.

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