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Inteligex Automates Trading Style Selection

We’ve been busy bees over the holiday period, continuing to develop and test the next release of the Inteligex algotrading system (it will be called Diamond!).

It’s going really well and although it’s not quite ready we’ve had so many questions about how the auto Trading Style will work I’ve put together this short blog.

How will auto Trading Style work?

Inteligex uses a combination of swarms and algorithms to decide when to trade.  When a trade is ready it is either:

  • Signalled on screen – if you’re Manually Trading, or
  • Signalled on screen and entered via your broker if you’re Auto Trading

Once the trade has been triggered how it is run depends on the Trading Style that you have selected; these are Conservative, Moderate or Aggressive as outlined below.

TargetEntry Conditions
[C]onservativeWill take fewer trades with closer targets and tighter stops.
‘I like to trade when the probability of the outcome is higher and don’t want to risk too much on each trade’
[M]oderateWill take more trades with bigger targets and slightly wider stops.
‘I like to trade more frequently and risk more on each trade’  
[A]ggressiveWill take more trades with stretch targets and wide stops.
‘I like to take many trades and maximise each one when I can, accepting I’ll incur more losses’

What the auto function will do is make this selection for you based on the prevailing market conditions; currently you need to work this out for yourself or listen to Mark’s daily setup advice on Mark’s Markets.


How is it performing?

Our goal is to support Traders like you by developing the best possible product, so in addition to the auto Trading Style we are making other improvements to trade entry points, dynamic stop settings and adaptive targets.

These are all currently performing well.  Yesterday was quite a quiet day until the end of the afternoon session and then we picked up 16.25 pts on the Nasdaq, 46 pts on the Dow and 3.5 points on the ES; over $700 on single contract trades.  A great result!  

Here they are outlined below.

When can I get it?

We hope to be able to launch the new release in February and as usual if you want to know what’s going on with all things Inteligex then make sure you are signed up to Mark’s Markets on our YouTube channel.  This gives you your daily dose of Inteligex performance along with how the system is trading.
As a reminder once you become an Inteligex member all system upgrades are free so why not start your trial now for a profitable 2020 Trading Journey.


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