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Inteligex Algorithms revolutionize Technical Analysis

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As a trader you’ve no doubt done your technical analysis.  You’ve put in the hard yards poring over charts, identified support and resistance, set up indicators and charting tools to help you see those repeating patterns and used this information to help you trade.  

We all know it’s important to do this ground work as it really helps you to understand the market.  However, it’s hard work! Not only because there is so much volume of data and so many instruments out there but also because as soon as you want to trade a different timeframe or market then you need to start all over again!

That’s where Inteligex comes in, it has decoded millions of market data points using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify where Support and Resistance areas are likely to occur.  These recognise where buyers have stepped in before and can be used as a predictor of when they will do so again. These are identified in Swarm Bands and Predicted Ranges.

That’s great news I hear you say, but we still only have a set of tools or indicators, we still don’t know what will happen when we meet that scenario!  

Well that is where the clever Inteligex Algorithms come in.  We have 8 core algorithms that have been created from mathematical analysis and statistical modelling of previous events.  What this means is that Inteligex is always looking to see if one of these eight events is likely to occur when support and resistance bands are met.  

The best news is that these algorithms also learn using AI so they continually improve, even when you’re doing nothing!

Here’s an example from the Dax (5 min candles) this morning.  

  • @09.50 the SB1 algo is triggered this means that it’s likely there will be a breakout from lower swarmband 1
  • @09.55 Inteligex signals a short trade entry at 12382 and Inteligex generates a target (blue horizontal line) and stop (amber horizontal line)
  • The trade runs for the next two candles, notice how the stop follows the trade down automatically
  • @10.05 Inteligex signals a trade exit at 12373



So in 15 mins a simple €45 gain.

Inteligex is a machine, so it does this over and over again on any index you choose: Nasdaq, Dow, S&P, currency pairs, gold, oil and even crypto.  You set your goal, strategy, personal risk profile and bank level. So you can be in and out of the market to suit your needs.

If you want to find out more about the award winning Inteligex system including our Swarms and Algos then opt-in below to get your free demo and ebook.   You’ll also get invites to our popular webinars, these fill up quickly so register early.


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