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My Inteligex Journey: Week 17

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Great New Features

Hey Traders!

A pretty great week for trading: a new Inteligex release and lots of opportunities in the market.

New Release

It’s great to get the new version of Inteligex (Amethyst as it’s known). You can see the Inteligex team have been listening to feedback and incorporating this into each subsequent release. This is the 3rd full release since November, these guys are really proactive!

The new functionality is even better at selecting which trades to go for and the Advanced Settings give the Trader so much more control around stops, break even points and banking. This contributes even further to great risk management and control.

I really like the fact that the enhanced Market Trend Signal is now permanently switched on, this is such a key part of the Inteligex brain that it just makes perfect sense to me; why would you want to switch it off. The revised Control Panel is also nice and simple, all you need to do is think about how you want to trade: Conservative, Moderate or Aggressive and this then tunes both your target and stop settings, a great improvement.



So, on to a couple trades from Friday, May 24th.

Friday morning the indices roared out of the gate at NYSE open. I grabbed a long at 9:30, entry of 7356.50 – it went as high as 7379.25, before starting to fall, and subsequently stopping out. I ‘banked’ 15 points on that move, or 60 ticks. $300 per contract! Great start to a Friday morning, especially a Friday heading into a long weekend.

My next trade was a short (I was waiting for Inteligex to print a short – I thought one was coming due to the ask volume) and one triggered at 10:30. Entry was 7341.25 – out at 7327.25 Profit of 14 points; $280 per contract. DONE FOR THE DAY!


Really quite pleased with Inteligex signals!

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend.

Stay Green!

Pam S.


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