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My Inteligex Journey: Week 14

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Hey Traders!

Hope you’re doing well, and being careful in the markets.

For the subscribers who have Mark keeping you informed via Telegram, it’s a gift, and the info he provides is extremely insightful – for those of you not signed up yet, please know this is an added bonus to being a member. Mark texts constantly throughout the day (at least when he is available and can do so)…it helps keep us safe and aware of current market conditions.

Due to his texts, I decided to increase the time frame to a 30 minute, which I traded for the most part this past week. Will share a couple YM trades that I took. Obviously, I don’t have enough time to share every single trade I take, but note that I do take losses every single week in addition to profits. I have just found that using Inteligex, listening to Mark, and continuing to grow as a trader, I can adapt to current market conditions and maintain my pnl wisely.

So, onto a couple trades!


Wednesday, May 1st = 30 min chart of YM: took a short at 12:30. Entry was 26597. Was in this trade for quite awhile. It triggered another short, so you could have added at 3 p.m. – very nice profit of (at a minimum) 80 ticks. If you trailed it down and traded it properly, and got out just before the close, you could have made well over 190 ticks. That’s $950 PER CONTRACT! I didn’t trail it down all the way; still banging my head off my desk for that!!


Friday, May 3rd: same time frame/market. Took a long at 11 a.m. with an entry of 26405 – got out at 26452. Profit of 47 ticks per contract, which is $235.

Like I said above, I do take losses, but I stick to my trading plan, and I listen to what Mark is saying. He made a comment that the markets would be a bit tougher to trade this past week, and I took note of that. I made a decision to move to a higher time frame – it paid off nicely. Yes, it means bigger losses, but it also means smoother charts, less trades overall, and bigger profits.

I’ve had a hectic couple of weeks; switched internet providers and have been busy overall… Having said that, moving to the higher time frame definitely made trading a bit easier.

If you are new to Inteligex, or frustrated overall, just give it some time. Perseverance is absolutely vital to your survival as a trader. People quit on trading because they thought they could just jump in and start making money, just following signals. It takes time, patience and grit. Stick with it, and know that Peter and Mark have your back. They are constantly working to improve Inteligex, and personally, I cannot wait to see the new release of Amethyst.

Take care, and Stay Green!

Pam S.


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