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My Inteligex Journey: Week 13

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Hey Traders!


Missed a week of writing; been concentrating a lot on my trading, and wrapping a few things up before embarking on a Top Step Trader combine, which I am hoping to share with you.  Great way to invest in your trading education, which is key to success, and then simply trading it using a funded account!


I have had the pleasure of speaking with some of you, and it is so refreshing to be part of a like minded community, in which traders share the same common goal;  they like to see others succeed, and not just themselves.  Peter and Mark have truly established something special and unique in the trading world.  Kudos to them!


So, onto a couple of trading days.  Taking a look at Wednesday, April 17th.  Watching the NQ on a 5 min chart.  First trade was a short at 9:45 (always est) with an entry of 7717.50  Stop out at 7725.5.  Loss of $160 per contract.  When I first started trading, taking a loss right out of the gate would have had me curled up in the fetal position, but I’ve learned how to pick myself up by the boot straps and wait for the next setup.  Short again at 10:00;  entry of 7699, and out at 7679.  Profit of $400 per contract.  Green for the day, even with the first loss.

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Thursday, April 17th:  Short at 9:55 – entry of 7694.25 – out at 7682.25.  Profit of $160 per contract.  Next trade, another short!  (my favorite type of trade, by the way.  They seem to work faster – guess the saying is true:  “Market takes the stairs up, and the elevator down”.  Entry at 10:20 of 7684.75 and out at 7676.00   Profit of $175 per contract.

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It’s the same thing week in and week out.  Like every other job, some days feel like a grind.  But, having said that, you get to work from home (or a nice café if you prefer) and if you choose to do so, you only have to work a few hours a day, to make far more than you would working for someone else.  Doesn’t matter what you do or where you work, there will always be good days, and bad days.  I much prefer to answer to myself, and feel like I have actually accomplished something outside of the norm.


One of the shining elements to trading, is getting to meet and chat with some of you.  Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for help if you need it.  Peter and Mark are constantly working on making the software the best it can possibly be, Telegram is back – what a great concept, btw.  We can keep in touch and communicate during the trading day if we desire, or not.


Stay Green!

Pam S.



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