A fire on a building

Lessons in time and emotion

Today Notre-Dame de Paris, a cathedral over nine hundred years old, something that had survived many wars, succumbed to the most basic of things.  A fire. It was lost so quickly. Destroyed in a few hours. A tragedy.

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The building can of course be rebuilt.  But it will take much time and then one must ask if it will ever really be the same?

The parallel with trading is palpable.

Accounts are built, often over many years.  And destroyed in hours or minutes. Not by fire, although they are often left as ravaged as a building is after the flames subside into smouldering ashes.  Trading accounts are destroyed by many things, but largely by emotion.

Greed.  Panic. Fear.  Stupidity. They all burn accounts to the ground.

Inteligex is designed to prevent the destruction of accounts and to enable them to grow over time with controlled risk.  

Today.  On the day that a 900 year old building was destroyed, Inteligex grew our trading accounts again.  With controlled risk and almost zero emotion.

Here is a screenshot of the NQ morning session.


Three trades.  A beautiful short just five minute after the open.  Went right to our target and then reversed shortly afterwards.  The rest of the morning was not so great with two losers. Eighteen points locked in, so a nice session.


15/04/2019 14:55 7621.7 15/04/2019 15:30 7594 28 SB2 Micro Swarm Aggressive Moderate
15/04/2019 16:15 7604.7 15/04/2019 16:40 7602 -3 PRB Micro Swarm Aggressive Moderate
15/04/2019 16:45 7598.8 15/04/2019 16:50 7606 -7 SB2 Micro Swarm Aggressive Moderate

The basic strategy we follow when trading Inteligex is to minimise the risk we take.  We do this because we know we must preserve capital first and then grow it.

The afternoon session was another nice session, made even more enjoyable because we were carrying out a live training broadcast when Inteligex made these trades.  The first trade was a quick in and out trade for three points. The trade lasted just five minutes. Automatic entry. Automatic exit.


The second trade was something we rarely see, a second trade, in the same direction (long) just five minute later.  Low risk means just that. Inteligex banked profits, and then saw another low risk entry and took it.

Emotions?  None. You could have watched.  You could just as easily have been doing something else entirely.  

Risk?  Controlled by you.  The trader. Inteligex augments your intelligence, not replaces it.  Several studies have concluded that up to 90 percent of the decisions we make are based on emotion. We use logic to justify our actions to ourselves and to others.  

With Inteligex, once you see it and learn how to use it, emotions will not be part of your trading profile.

With Inteligex you combine a trading product with trader education.  

With Inteligex you learn how to trade like a professional, alongside others.  

With Inteligex you belong to a club.  A club with limited membership.



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