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My Inteligex Journey: Week 11

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ADVFN International Financial Award – Best Trading Alert Service WINNERS!


Hey Traders!

Lots of great things going on at Inteligex!  Peter and Mark are both working VERY hard to make this the best software possible, and a HUGE shout out for winning the ADVFN International Financial Award – Best Trading Alert Service! That is quite impressive to say the least!

Behind the scenes, Peter and Mark are working extremely hard to tweak and make Inteligex software better and better..  Anyone who has spoken with either of these two gentlemen, know that they offer the best customer experience, hands down.

On to a few trades

Software Screenshot

Wednesday, March 27th – focused on the YM.  First trade alerted me at 9:30.  I generally pass on trades that trigger at NYSE open, because the data can be a bit skewed;  glad I passed because it was a losing trade of approx. 60 ticks.

I did take a short on a 5 min chart:  it triggered at 10:35 – entry at 10:40 of 25682 – out at 25639.  Profit of +43   For those of you who like to trail, you can see it would have been a beautiful trade!

Next short at 11:00. Entered at 11:05 and filled at 25578 – out at 25534.  Profit of +44

SO…even if I had taken the 1st trade at 9:30, I’d still be green, and there were numerous other opportunities to add to that profit.  For those of you who do trail, you can see that Wednesday was the day to catch a runner.

I’m more of a scalper, and I’m okay with that.  I usually get out at first target, and I’m all in/all out. It works for me, especially when trading 3 or more contracts.

Helping Other Members

Peter and I are discussing sharing my own results via a track record that is recordable at some point in the future, as we both want the utmost transparency possible for everyone.  This is a work in progress, because as traders, we know how stressful this business is, and how it plays with your mind.

Regardless, we are here for you – Peter and Mark will do whatever they can to help you succeed!  (as will I!)

Stay Green!

Pam S.


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