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What Vin Diesel can teach us about trading

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You may not think Vin Diesel had many lessons for traders.  But he has several.  I mean, first of all there is the obvious one.  Fast and Furious.  He’s been in a few of those.  But ideally trading is neither Fast nor Furious.  Certainly not with Inteligex.  It should be almost the opposite. From there…

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Lessons in time and emotion


Today Notre-Dame de Paris, a cathedral over nine hundred years old, something that had survived many wars, succumbed to the most basic of things.  A fire. It was lost so quickly. Destroyed in a few hours. A tragedy. The building can of course be rebuilt.  But it will take much time and then one must…

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My Inteligex Journey: Week 13

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Hey Traders!   Missed a week of writing; been concentrating a lot on my trading, and wrapping a few things up before embarking on a Top Step Trader combine, which I am hoping to share with you.  Great way to invest in your trading education, which is key to success, and then simply trading it…

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My Inteligex Journey: Week 12

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Stick to the Plan!   Hey Traders! I’m writing to you on a bleary Friday morning.  Another week has passed us by, and what I personally do at the end of every single week, is take inventory of where I am at in relation to where I want to be. Given that I have had…

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