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My Inteligex Journey: Week 10

My Inteliex Journey: Week 10

Hit and miss!

Hey Traders!

Had one of those weeks where it was hit and miss – busy with things that pop up in life… Guess that is one of the advantages of being a trader; we can manage our schedules and come and go (to some extent) as we please.

I had the usual week – trading can be a grind, just like every other business. Wins and losses, but I’m having more winning weeks than I am losing, so thank you Inteligex!

Ok on to my trades

Inteligex Trading Screenshot

Couple trades I took today (Friday 22nd March). YM on a 1500 volume chart, with market trend on.

First one was a Short: entered at 9:48 and was filled at 25796, out at first target which was 25750. 46 ticks per contract.

Second trade was a Long: entered at 10:10 and was filled at 25757, and first target had me out at 25803. Another 46 ticks per contract.

Calling it a day! Let the weekend festivities commence!

Helping Trial Members

On a side note, Peter has suggested that anyone taking a trial, reach out to me to chat about their trading. Perhaps we can share our Inteligex journey together, and be of some help to one another. I think it’s a wonderful idea, so please reach out to Peter if this is something you’d like to do.

Stay Green Traders!

Pam S.


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