ADVFN Winner 2019 Best Trading Alert Service

Best Trading Alert Service 2019

Best Trading Alert Service

We are absolutely delighted to have received the award for Best Trading Alert Service in the 2019 ADVFN International Financial Awards.

At Inteligex we are focused on creating a truly great product supported by exceptional customer service and this award shows that we’re heading in the right direction.

Best Trading Alert Service We Co-Founded the business last year and we’re on a journey to ensure that Retail Traders have access to the best tools possible in order to trade profitably no matter what the markets are doing. It’s our mission to create a simple to use system which creates a level playing field for anybody that wants to Day Trade the markets.

We know that trading can be confusing and complicated and as a Trader you want to control your trading risk, remove emotional stressors and minimize your trading losses. Inteligex helps with all of the above, allowing you to trade any timeframe for any liquid market by guiding your trading with clear, easy to follow, objective signals and rules.

At the heart of Inteligex is a very clever mathematical model that has been built using AI to decode millions of market data points. Using this deep learning Inteligex delivers clear trading signals and predicts where the markets are going as well as enabling Traders to comprehensively manage risk. Trading is a high-risk business and controlling that risk is central to Inteligex.

We are thoroughly enjoying growing the proposition to ensure that Traders are getting a system that works for them. We are obsessing over the customer experience and continuing to innovate based on customer feedback and market performance.

In the last two months alone we have released Market Trend Signal, Mark’s Markets, Daily Performance Tracking and Peer to Peer Support. We will continue to innovate to give the best possible solution for Traders.

We would personally like to thank all of our amazing customers for their support to date and we look forward to carrying on this journey together. To celebrate this great milestone we are offering half price trial subscriptions until the end of March, just enter the coupon martrial50 at checkout.

As ever we’d love your feedback and thoughts so click on the links below to contact us.

Mark Sear
Co-Founder and CTO

Peter Northwood
Co-Founder and CEO


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