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Slow & Steady Wins The Race

Slow & Steady Wins the Race

120 points on the Dax.

When we talk about Trader Emotion and Trader Psychology we think of all the times we’re unsure about what to do and let our adrenaline get the better of us. We enter or exit a trade and as soon as we’ve done it we know it was the wrong decision; doh!

As you know I’m a conservative trader and want to make sure I trade within my risk profile as I know by doing that I can sleep at night and still make money. It’s not about trying to maximise every trade I’m in it’s about using the Inteligex system to guide my thinking (or more specifically do the main thinking for me).

Which brings me to this very pleasing trade from the FXCM GER30 (DAX). On this market I run 15 minute candles and as you can see Inteligex entered the trade not long after lunch thinking I might grab a cheeky few points before close. We entered the trade at 11495 and just let it run. And run. And run. At the end of the day it was still moving in the right direction so I kept it running, Inteligex eventually taking me out of the trade just after midnight after pushing through Swarm 1 and ultimately 2 as well.

Inteligex Dax Trading Chart

Inteligex exited the trade 11615 making me 120 points in the process, a very nice present to wake up to this morning!


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