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My Inteligex Journey: Week 8

My Inteligex Journey Week 8

The Midas Touch

Hey Traders,

I wanted to experiment a bit and try Inteligex out on Gold. I don’t trade this market very often, but thought why not see how well it would work with this software? (the guys do say it’s a mathematical modeland willwork on any index!)

I took 2 trades on Thursday March 7th

Both on a 15-minute time frame. I kept Market Trend Signal on as I do most of the time now. I enter these trades manually; I haven’t yet branched out into the auto setting. I’ll save that for another time and of course I’ll update you in my blog!

Anyway, here are the results. I have to admit I was impressed and pleased.

First trade was a long at 10:15. Entry of 1285.9 and got out at 1288.1. So just about 21 ticks = $210 per contract. Hmm… maybe I should trade this market more often!

Inteligex trading screenshot 21 ticks

Second trade was a short at 11:30. Entry of 1285.9 – out at 1284.7. An additional 12 ticks = $120 extra on the day.

Inteligex trading screenshot 12 ticks

No guessing, no stressing, just clear entries and exits.

If you are using software that is on par with Inteligex, please let me know what it is. I’m guessing there is no such software? I’m loving the new Market Trend Signal indicator and the way that using Inteligex helps me tame my trader emotion.


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