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My Inteligex Journey: Week 7

Customer Journey Week 7

This week I wanted to show you a couple of trades on the eMini Nasdaq.

Hey Traders,

Going to keep this short and to the point this week. Two trades from Thursday, February 28th. Both were long trades, taken on a 15-minute chart. I am keeping Market Trend Signal on for convenience sake and as always ensuring that the dots are the proper colour, otherwise, the trade is negated.

Here’s a long trade I entered on eMini Nasdaq at 9:45.

Entered a Long on the eMini Nasdaq at 9:45 – filled at 7114.25 and took profit at 7120.25. That’s a profit of $120 per contract.

Customer trade using Inteligex platform

Long again at 11:30.

2nd trade today: Long again at 11:30. Filled at 7110.25, and took profit at 7127.25. WOW! Profit of $340 per contract.

Customer trade on Inteligex platform

By now it’s becoming apparent to me that Inteligex is onto something; artificial intelligence and algo’s coded up to make our lives as traders a lot less stressful. It’s not totally removing my judgement but it’s leading to better decision making.

Next week I’m going to start branching out into different trading forum’s and Peter has decided to open up a forum on the Inteligex website for Trial users, so that like minded traders can come together, help one another, whether it be with how we trade, or just a way to chat about trading.

This is such an isolating job, we can sometimes find ourselves with no one to share our everyday experiences with. Unless you’ve actively traded, it’s just not something I find other people can relate to!

Very grateful to both Peter and Mark for allowing us to share this journey with one another. Stay tuned for great things to come!

Pam S.


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