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The Definition of Madness

The Definition of Madness

We often read that the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. The implication is that if something isn’t working, change it and change it again. It turns out for traders and investors, life may not be as simple as that. According to London-based Essentia Analytics,…

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From Red Monday to Green Wednesday

From Red to Green

From Red Monday to Green Wednesday At Inteligex we are often asked if we are nervous when we trade and if we change our trading habits if we have a bad day or a good day. The answer to both is no. Why? Because we stick to a routine that works. It works over time,…

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My Inteligex Journey: Week 11

journey week 11

ADVFN International Financial Award – Best Trading Alert Service WINNERS!   Hey Traders! Lots of great things going on at Inteligex!  Peter and Mark are both working VERY hard to make this the best software possible, and a HUGE shout out for winning the ADVFN International Financial Award – Best Trading Alert Service! That is…

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My Inteligex Journey: Week 10

journey week 10

Hit and miss! Hey Traders! Had one of those weeks where it was hit and miss – busy with things that pop up in life… Guess that is one of the advantages of being a trader; we can manage our schedules and come and go (to some extent) as we please. I had the usual…

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Best Trading Alert Service 2019

ADVFN Award Blog

We are absolutely delighted to have received the award for Best Trading Alert Service in the 2019 ADVFN International Financial Awards. At Inteligex we are focused on creating a truly great product supported by exceptional customer service and this award shows that we’re heading in the right direction. We Co-Founded the business last year and…

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My Inteligex Journey: Week 9

journey week 9 copy

On the Upward Grind Hey Traders, I wanted to share some plans Inteligex has before moving forward to a couple trades I took on Monday, March 11th. First off, Peter mentioned that he wants to be ‘obsessed’ with providing the best customer service possible, so that each and every one of us has the best…

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Slow & Steady Wins The Race

Slow amp Steady Wins the Race

120 points on the Dax. When we talk about Trader Emotion and Trader Psychology we think of all the times we’re unsure about what to do and let our adrenaline get the better of us. We enter or exit a trade and as soon as we’ve done it we know it was the wrong decision;…

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My Inteligex Journey: Week 8

journey week 8

The Midas Touch Hey Traders, I wanted to experiment a bit and try Inteligex out on Gold. I don’t trade this market very often, but thought why not see how well it would work with this software? (the guys do say it’s a mathematical modeland willwork on any index!) I took 2 trades on Thursday…

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My Inteligex Journey: Week 7

journey week 7

This week I wanted to show you a couple of trades on the eMini Nasdaq. Hey Traders, Going to keep this short and to the point this week. Two trades from Thursday, February 28th. Both were long trades, taken on a 15-minute chart. I am keeping Market Trend Signal on for convenience sake and as…

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