My Inteligex Journey: Week 4

My Inteligex Journey: Week 4

Hey Traders:

Had some technical glitches on my end, so I missed a week of writing, apologies. I’ve been back at my station a week now and getting right into trading.

On a really good note, there have been some really cool and impressive features added to the Inteligex software, that will really make things easy for us!

2 new things I want to share with you.

The first one is going to quite possibly be a total game changer for newbies and struggling traders. Inteligex now has a new feature called “Market Trend Signal”. Click on it, and the software will only show you trades that are with the current market trend. I don’t know of ANY other software that will do that for you, as well as give you an exact entry, target AND stop. These guys just took indicators in the marketplace to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!!

The other new feature are the red, yellow, and green dots you will see in my screenshots. Fairly easy to comprehend: red = short, yellow = neutral, and green = long.

So, Thursday February 7th, I will share 3 of my trades. 2 winners and 1 loser.

First trade: short with market trend signal on, got a signal to go short, and a red dot printed. Entry on a 5 minute emini Dow (YM) at 25184 and hit target of 25164. +20 to start the day!

Next trade was at 10:05 – another short. Exact same scenario; signal to enter and new red dot. Entry of 25166, and stopped out at 25219. -53

Inteligex algorithmic trading screenshot

Last trade made my day. Heck, made my week!! Same drill. 10:45 a signal to go short with Market Trend Direction, and a new red dot. Entry at 25201 and trailed this baby all the way down to 25009. +192

Inteligex algorithmic trading screenshot

Can I get a Hallelujah?! That’s 159 ticks PER CONTRACT in less than 2 hours.

Tell me if you can find a better product. ‘Cause I’ve tried everything, and haven’t had this kind of success ever before.

I don’t sell for Inteligex – bear that in mind. I’m just trying out their product and sharing my journey.

All the best,

Pam S.


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