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My Inteligex Journey: Week 3

My Inteligex Journey Week 3

This week I wanted to show you a couple of trades on the YM (E-Mini Dow)

Going to try and keep this blog short and sweet, since that is pretty much how the last week of trading has been. Was nice to have the Holiday (Martin Luther King day for all you non-US residents); always good to refresh during a long weekend.

Here’s a long trade I entered on Thursday, Jan 17th

First long trade using Inteligex

SR1 entry fired at 1:05 in the afternoon, and I entered at 1:10 – filled at 24160. 1st and 2nd targets were hit, and using the Inteligex trailing stop, I was taken out at 24185. (PNL = +25)

Moving on to Friday 18th January

Second trade using Inteligex

An SR1 triggered at 9:55, and I entered at 10 a.m. Was filled at 24479, and all 3 targets were hit. This trade was bittersweet for me, as it gave a total profit of 97 ticks, but using the trailing stop, I was taken out at 24530. (PNL = +51)

I am writing this on Tuesday, Jan 22nd, and every single trade that triggered on a 5-minute time frame was profitable, on the YM. Last week I switched back to this shorter timeframe; I just find that a smaller time frame fits my comfort zone

Exciting New Telegram App

This past week, I was added to the Inteligex ‘Telegram’ App feed and now I’m receiving their trades right on my cellphone. Pretty cool little perk! I am finding that either Peter or Mark get back to me quickly when I email them, and Mark even offered to spend at least an hour with me, to teach me how I can better utilize the software, and boost my profits massively. We have something set up for later this week, so next week, I’ll let you know if it helped!

I will say this: they offer a free trial of their indicators, and are great at communicating with you 1 on 1, and they want to see you succeed. Great guys to work with, and so far – I’m impressed. It has solved the 2 major issues I had with my trading, so I think I’ll stay with this for the long haul!

Trade well and I’ll update you on the last week of my Trial next week.
Pam S.


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