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My Inteligex Journey: Week 2

My Inteligex Journey: Week 2

This week I thought I would give you a glimpse into 3 of my trades.

I will also touch on emotions, because I find they truly play a large role in my performance, and I’m hoping some of you will respond – perhaps we can all work together, help each other, maybe even form a bit of a community, because it is such an isolating career.

Friday morning (January 11th) my first trade triggered a long signal at 10 a.m. (EST)

January 11th First Trade

It was a long signal off the bottom swarm, as you can see from the picture, it says SR1. I entered at 10:15, as I am now using a 15 minute chart (sometimes I will also use the 30-minute chart). Anyways, I was filled on the NQ at 6598.50, and it gave me a few handles of profit, but ultimately it did not reach 1st target, and as such, I took a small loss of $110.

January 11th Second Trade

Waited patiently for next trade setup, and it triggered once again at the lower Swarm at 11:15. Entered a long at 11:30 on the NQ; filled at 6585.50. This time it DID hit my 1st and 2nd target of 6615. Profit of $600.

Moving on to Monday, January 14th.

January 14th Trade

Exact same scenario. A long triggered on the NQ at the lower Swarm, at 10 a.m. I entered at 10:15, filled at 6545.75 and it hit both 1st and 2nd targets. It started to sputter and weaken, and ultimately I was stopped out, using Inteligex’s trailing stop, at 6570. Nice daily profit of $485.

All of these trades were taken with 1 contract.

Digressing back to my earlier comment regarding emotions.

I do find that I struggle quite a bit with anxiety whilst trading. I realize that is just part of this gig, but it can be debilitating, if we allow it. It can stop us from pulling the trigger on a trade, or getting out too soon. I always find my adrenaline kicking into high gear when I see a setup triggering; I start shaking a bit, and of course I can feel my heart racing. The last couple of weeks I am finding this has abated slightly, and I think it is because I am becoming a bit more comfortable with the Inteligex software. I know I’m going to have to take losses, even though I truly despise a loss. But, I also know if I can just pull the trigger on the setups provided, follow the stops and targets, I will live to fight another day as a trader. Obviously, I’m only touching on a small part of the emotional side of trading; it is SUCH a huge factor and impossible to avoid.

On that note, I’d really find it productive and helpful, if you are reading this – please send us an email, and share your perspective. Perhaps we can work together on becoming not just consistently profitable, not just successful, but comfortable and a little more at ease.

Thanks for following along. Hope to hear from some of you!

Pam S.


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