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My Inteligex Journey: Week 1

My Inteligex Journey: Week 1

Hi Traders!

I’m a futures trader, primarily the stock indices. (YM, NQ mainly). Have been trading nearly 10 years (off and on) and like the majority of all traders, knew going into this that 90% of all traders fail. I also read numerous times not to waste my time and energy searching for the “Holy Grail”. And, like most traders, I blew out an account. Knowing the odds were stacked against me did not stop me from searching for the perfect indicator or setup. I have continued to further my education and knowledge of how to trade, and be consistently profitable.

Started out with eSignal, then moved over to Sierra Charts. I’ve also tried Ninja, but find I just prefer Sierra Charts. I took every free trial of software there is, and wound up bailing on all of them. Then I decided to dig in, and learn as much as I could about trading, and along the way found I was having more winning days then losing days. Only problem? I wasn’t sure where to take profits, where to put my stop (without an obvious place and then wind up getting run over by the robots). So, I did hours upon hours of back testing, and came up with an average target. Still didn’t help me, because in times of volatility, my losses were larger than my gains.

Recently, a fellow trader gave me the name of a gentleman that was in the process of launching a new product. Was told he had software that would provide me with a complete system; where to get in, where to place my stop and then trail, and exactly where my target(s) should be placed. All this based on Artificial Intelligence and algorithms.

After having a few conversations with Peter and Mark (founders of Inteligex) I decided to try out their software, and share my journey.

So, here goes!

Week 1: Primarily spent getting set up with the software on my Sierra Charts. (it works on both Sierra and Ninja). The process for Sierra was as simple as giving Mark my username. Opened my charts, and indicators were already in there, waiting to be put on a chart. The first few days I had them on small time frames, which I am used to trading. Ex: 3 or 5 minute charts Found that there were too many signals on the smaller time frames, and I was spinning my wheels a bit; was making money, but also taking losses, which had me about flat or up small for the day. So, I decided to change the timeframe (which Mark recommended right out of the gate), and changed the time frame to 15 and 30 minute charts. Made a HUGE difference. Fewer signals, but higher win ratio.

Inteligex isn’t the “holy grail”, and I know there really isn’t one to be found. What Inteligex does offer is a complete trading system; no 2nd guessing whatsoever, and I find that helps remove a LOT of stress and anxiety.

Moving into Week 2 and forward, I will be adding screenshots of my daily trades – wins and losses. My goal is to be honest about this software, how I use it, and how it works out long term.

Hope you follow along with me, and that my journey will help you shorten the curve in your trading career.

Pam S.


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