Whats In Store For Nasdaq & GBPUSD In 2019

What’s in Store for Nasdaq and GBPUSD in 2019?

What's in Store for Nasdaq and GBPUSD in 2019?

One of the advanced features of Inteligex is the predictive capability of the product.

This works on any timeframe, but it is advanced so expect it to take you 2-3 months at least to fully understand how it works; we will be producing a video on this in the New Year. It is particularly useful for swing traders and options traders, but is of great value to futures traders and spread betters also.
The key to the predictive side of the product is the “stand out candles”. I have highlighted the ones I am looking at now, in the picture of the Nasdaq – with weekly candles and quarterly ranges (this shows from July 2017 through to today).

What do we see?

Firstly let’s look at February 2018, and the big down candle. That gives us a prediction that the market wants to reach the level marked by the highlighted microswarm. That’s about 5200 – 5300. You can also see how the row of targets highlighted in the 6000-6200 range, and the Swarm 1 is now angled down. It is starting to look a little messy now for NQ.

But most interesting to me?

The level of the SW2 swarm is just 3600. Sounds crazy? I will update this every month. By this time next year I’d say we have a 50% chance of making that number.

Nasdaq chart

Meanwhile in Brexit land

I’d like to draw your attention to the prediction from Brexit week back in 2016. The far-left candle (highlighted) gave us a target for the exchange rate of 1.20 having started the week at 1.4480. We aren’t far off of that level now. Now look at the “deep target” (the second highlighted candle). That target is actually 1.1302. Put it another way… we have a 50% chance of seeing that number before the end of March or shortly afterwards.

Perhaps it could be a case of Beware the Ides of March?

And the circled Green Dot? Incredible as it may sound the potential upside target over the next two years. Maybe this is a story with a happy ending after all?



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