Biggest One Day Dow Rise Ever Branded Image

Largest One Day Dow Rise, Ever!

Inteligex saw it coming! The markets have had a rough time in the run up to Christmas, dropping over 2500 points in seven days trading. Inteligex users have had a field day, a very Merry Christmas! At the end of trading on Monday 17th December, Inteligex indicated an SB2 trade,…
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Slow, Slow, Brexit Slow Branded Image

Slow, Slow, Brexit Slow – 85 Pips

Slow, Slow, Brexit Slow – 85 Pips Evening traders I just wanted to show you how with a little thought Inteligex generates profits even on a slow day. Cable has been a bit of a tiger recently, but today was always likely to be slow after the failed confidence vote…
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Biggest Ever Bitcoin Bet Branded Image

Biggest Ever Bitcoin Bet!

The chart I am highlighting today is focusing on something that is clearly currently in deep trouble. An 85% decline in price, and with more to come. And what is it?  Bitcoin. From $20,000 to $3,000 in just under 12 months.  All of the short trades signalled by Inteligex are…
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Inteligex Vs Brexit

Inteligex vs Brexit

The British Prime Minister Theresa May is heading into a vote of confidence this evening, let’s see what the Cable (GBPUSD) has done today on Inteligex full auto-mode.     Well it’s been a vote of confidence in Inteligex. Markets hate uncertainty and you can see how the day played out,…
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